Asset Tags and Asset Tagging

Asset tags are an identification label that can be attached to an asset such as a computer or other important equipment.

On the whole asset tags or asset labels as they are often called are small adhesive labels often containing an identification number or barcode.

Asset tags

Asset tags are very hard to remove and, therefore, create a permanent identification mark deterring theft and help to prevent important items from being mislaid. Tagging your assets also help you to keep an accurate record of not only how many assets you have but also their condition and were relevant to their maintenance.

Express Labels allows you to quickly design your own asset tags in a variety of materials including:

  • Vinyl Labels - High-quality asset tags suitable for printing with images such as a barcode and solid coloured text.
  • Metalized Polyester Labels - asset tags that suit most asset tagging requirements and will conform to most surfaces.
  • Tamper Evident Labels - asset tags which act as a strong theft deterrent and also discourage unauthorised asset transfers.
  • Aluminium Foil Labels - Universal asset tags that suit most asset tagging requirements.

Start designing your own asset tags today!

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