Metalized Polyester Labels

Metalized Polyester Labels

Looking for a good all-around asset or ID labels that will stand up to wear and tear?

Metalized polyester labels are very durable and offer resistance to tearing, heat and abrasion.

A premium silver label material suitable for identification and asset labelling for commercial and industrial use. Supplied with a universal strong acrylic adhesive which will stick to most surfaces.

The solid printing process protects the asset label image against abrasion and solvents and is suitable for printed images such as a barcode and text.

Dantech metallised labels have a very high-temperature resistance, up to 100° C short, and down to - 40° C and will suit most asset label requirements and conform to most surfaces.

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What are the prices of the labels?

All prices per 100 labels

Ref / Qty38 x 19mm50 x 25mm
100 (min) £93.30 £112.40
300 £72.85 £90.50
500 £63.20 £81.25
1000 £56.40 £75.20
2000 £51.10 £67.20

Why use Metalized Polyester Asset Labels?

If you're looking for a good all-around asset label than metallised polyester labels are a great choice. They are super tough and long lasting making them great for both commercial and industrial use.

Use these asset labels to ID equipment and business assets to help you track them efficiently and deter theft.

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