Aluminium Foil Labels

Aluminium Foil Asset Labels

Need a high-performance ID asset label solution for extreme situations?

Aluminium foil labels are a highly durable premium label material suitable for identification and asset labels for both indoor and outdoor use.

Dantech uses a 0.05mm aluminium foil with the best available 3M hi-tenacity powerful adhesive which will adhere to most surfaces and bond to both high surface energy (HSE) and low surface energy (LSE) plastics, powder coatings and slightly oily metal surfaces.

A clear laminating foil is applied on top of the printing to help protect the printed image against abrasion and solvents and provide heavy-duty protection.

Dantech aluminium foil labels have a very high-temperature resistance, up to 150° C short term, and down to - 40° C and can only be described as a universal solution to suit most asset label requirements.

Our aluminium foil label material and its adhesive have a highly rated chemical resistance and tested with many common chemicals, water and oil.

How to apply the labels?

Labels must be applied to a clean, dry surface – full instructions are included with your order.

All prices per 100 labels

Ref / Qty38 x 19mm50 x 25mm
100 (min) £142.30 £149.40
300 £77.85 £80.55
500 £66.30 £68.40
1000 £46.40 £48.40
2000 £39.75 £41.25

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