Tamper Evident Labels - Ultra Destructible Labels

tamper evident labels

Looking for Tamper Evident Labels to protect your equipment and assets?

Dantech ultra destructible tamper evident labels use a white vinyl security label material suitable for id and asset labels.

Once applied the label is impossible to remove in one piece and will break into small fragments if anyone tries to remove it.

The destructible nature of the label helps protect your equipment acting as a theft deterrent which also discourages unauthorised asset transfers.

The labels use an adhesive that will bond to most surfaces.

You can also use our these labels as a security tamper-evident seal.

High-temperature resistance, up to 90° C short term, and down to - 40°.

The labels will also conform to both curved and uneven surfaces.

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Asset Label Prices

All prices per 100 tamper evident labels

Ref / Qty38 x 19mm50 x 25mm
100 (min) £93.30 £112.40
300 £72.85 £90.50
500 £63.20 £81.25
1000 £56.40 £75.20
2000 £51.10 £67.20

What are Tamper Evident Labels?

Tamper evident or Ultra destructible labels are used to identify assets as belonging to your company or organisation but have the extra feature of showing you if someone has tried to remove or tamper with your asset label or sticker.

This helps you deter theft and prevent equipment swapping.

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